Lauryn Mussa

Pinnacle has 3 Athletes sign at Ottawa University in Surprise for the 2017 2018 Season 

Congratulations and best wishes for the future go to :

Attendance requires school physical to be filed with Athletic department 

Please join our summer camps!!  Please bring a release form to the 1st camp you attend.

Amanda Martin

Welcome to Pinnacle Volleyball of Arizona, we are a volleyball club in the northwest valley. We are Robert Levardo and Dale Jones , the co-directors and owners. Each of us has seventeen years of club and high school volleyball experience. Our experiences helped our club select qualified coaches for all levels that teach and coach the proper techniques allowing you to compete at the highest level. Our goal is to create teams that are competitive, expand your skills, and help you reach the next level of your volleyball career.

Thank you and we hope you will visit us next club season.

Bob Levardo and Dale Jones
Club Directors  602 722 5048 Bob Levardo 602 930 7946 Dale Jones

Sunrise Mountain Practice Gym

Enter from Lone Cactus, follow the red line drawn in the picture 

  John Salas